Your Trade Show Unique Selling Proposition

trade show unique selling propositionThe trade show floor is filled with competing companies all vying for the attention of attendees. The ability to stand out as a leader in your industry is the difference between seeing huge returns or being muted out by competitors. The strongest exhibitors are able to identify their trade show unique selling proposition (USP) early on and they leverage it into successful trade show strategy.

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Things to Remember: Planning for a Trade Show

things to remember when planning for a trade show Planning for a trade show and creating a strategy that consistently yields results is less about building a static approach and more about cultivating a living event marketing ecosystem that can evolve over time. If you want to create an evolving marketing plan then remembering some simple planing principles can help you focus your efforts on growing your brand and improving your trade show marketing investment.  [Read more…]

Looking to Mix it Up? Consider a Reconfigurable Exhibit

reconfigurable trade show exhibit

A great example of a reconfigurable exhibit, this design can go from 40′ x 40′ to 10′ x 10′.

Your trade show booth is the central piece to your event marketing puzzle. Having a lively and dynamic exhibit is part of what makes exhibiting at trade shows and events so exciting. Whether you are a first time exhibitor looking to find the right fit or are an experienced trade show guru looking to spice things up, investing in a modular, reconfigurable, portable design might be your best bet. If you want to [Read more…]

Interactive Trade Show Display: How to Captivate the Crowd

interactive trade show display

Fishing is one of man’s oldest art forms. It pits the wits of man against the unpredictability of nature in a winner takes all clash. This dance has taken place billions of times across cultures and time periods. Yet one principle holds true irrespective of time and place, if one intends to catch a fish they must have the right bait. This truism is not only reserved for intrepid mariners, it can also be applied to event marketing professionals as well. If you wish to  [Read more…]

Why face-to-face Marketing Events Matters

face-to-face marketing matters

Face-to-face marketing presents a unique opportunity for marketers operating in our digital-focused business world. It offers the chance for prospects and producers to meet in-person, beyond the filter of a text-filled screen and across the vast ocean of wireless communication. Because of the intensely personal nature of face-to-face marketing, connections established at trade shows and other events often yield long fruitful business relationships. We have outlined some of the great value that meeting in-person can bring you and your organization:

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