Trade Show Marketing 101: Building Your Event Marketing Landing Page

Trade Show Marketing on the internet Having a well laid out webpage is vital for success in today’s business climate. A strong website can be an invaluable resource for lead generation, consumer education, eCommerce and much more. The benefits from a great webpage not only help increase your business’s profile, it can also come in handy when it comes to planing and executing a comprehensive trade show marketing campaign. Building a smartly-designed landing page to support your company’s event marketing campaign can go along way in helping increase not only awareness of your event, but also in helping bolster your return on investment. Read on to learn about building your very own event marketing landing page. [Read more…]

Event Marketing 101: Drawing a Crowd

drawing a crowd with event marketingDrawing a crowd is the ultimate aim of an event marketer, but this seemingly clear target can be easily missed. Trade shows and other marketing events are typically filled with numerous competing brands and organizations all vying for the currency of attention, the attention of attendees. So how exactly does an event marketer make waves at an event? How can you make your event marketing more exciting and appealing? Having a large and dynamic custom trade show booth is one way, but there are many others. This post will educate you on what your options are when it comes to attracting and entertaining attendees. [Read more…]

Trade Show Exhibit: Make Yours Feel Like Home

trade show exhibit design

A powerful trade show exhibit is similar to a well-designed home. Both structures rely on basic architectural design elements and principles such as functional space, lighting and color. These elements–when blended with care–achieve incredible results and create a sense of awe and splendor in onlookers.  If you are planning to commission a new exhibit it is crucial that your trade show asset attracts traffic, and one of the best ways to generate traffic is through  smart booth design. Read below to find out how to create a booth that inspires a sense of home and comfort in your attendees. [Read more…]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Trade Show or an Event

choosing the right trade show The event marketing industry is booming. There seems to be an industry or consumer event in every sector imaginable. With trade shows and events taking place in cities all over the world there is no shortage of eager exhibitors and attendees lining up to fill convention centers and conferences halls far and wide. Because there are so many events to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which show will be the best fit for your organization. Well never fear, we have outlined some simple and easy-to-follow best practices when it comes to choosing the right event for you. [Read more…]

Picking the Right Trade Show Carrier

Trade show carriers and exhibit transport Trade show carriers are a vital part of the event marketing puzzle. A great carrier can make the logistical and strategic challenges presented by a trade show a breeze to deal with. If you are new to the event marketing world and you are searching for a carrier that will be a good fit for your trade show needs, then knowing where to start can be a bit confusing.  This article will give you some tips and insights into picking the best carrier for you trade show needs. [Read more…]