Nimlok’s: Smart Marketers Guide to Event Marketing

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When one steps foot into the event marketing arena for the first time the bright lights, sounds and overwhelming atmosphere can be both alluring and intimidating. Where does an event marketing novice find guidance? How can they be sure they are headed in the right direction? For starters, trusting ones intuition is always a good source for inspiration, but that will only carry you so far. To help exhibitors on their journey to become an event marketing guru Nimlok has crafted the Smart Marketers’ Guide to event marketing. Our Smart Marketers Guide takes a comprehensive look at all areas of an event marketing campaign, from pre-event to post-event you will be sure to find the advice you are looking for. Below we have listed some takeaways from our guide to give you an idea of what you will find: [Read more…]

5 Things Great Trade Show Exhibitors Avoid


Success is often achieved by great exhibitors not only from the things they do – but also from avoiding some common trade show pitfalls. Sometimes doing things because they are “common sense” or “the way it’s always done” can lead to falling into a rut — or missing opportunities. Great exhibitors know this, and they leverage their creativity to forge their own path to trade show success. Below we have listed some of the common missteps made by exhibitors and how to avoid them:

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Minding your Manners at a Face-to-Face Marketing Event

trade show manners and event marketing do's and don'ts

Imagine your face-to-face marketing event is a gala and your trade show exhibit is your gown or tux. How would you conduct yourself? Would you stumble about the party rudely interjecting yourself into strangers’ conversations? Would you carelessly spew profanities loud enough for everyone to hear? Would you [Read more…]

The Power of Portable Displays

Nimlok portable displays

Portability has become one of the driving forces behind the development of new technology. From phones to computers we all want the ability to take our toys with us on the go. In the event marketing and trade show space portability is also a highly sought after feature in exhibit designs. If you are considering portable displays as an option for your brand check out some of the many advantages they have to offer:

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5 Ways to Building Trust with Your Exhibit Attendees


Every year countless numbers of trade show attendees spill into crowded convention centers, hotels and cities all across the globe. Exhibit attendees are all looking for something different, some for networking and relationship building, some for the new and novel, some for educational information and others looking to purchase/price for their respective organizations.

If you are an exhibitor you are more than likely there to build connections, capture leads and get on-the-floors sales. To accomplish these goals one of your best weapons is your organizations ability to create trust between you and your prospects. In a perfect world trust would be the default position — however this is rarely the case. To get a better idea on how to reach out and create trusting relationships with your prospects read our tips below:

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