Banner Stands an Overview

thumb_rollup-04-retractable-banner-standDetailViewBanner stands are one of the most widely used and versatile trade show marketing assets on the market. They have become a staple with tradeshow and event marketers because of their: cost-effectiveness, portability and ease of customization. Banner stands are not only confined to the trade show/event marketing areana, they can also be utilized in retail spaces, office lobbies, restaurants, conferences, airports,  ceremonies and wherever additional graphic messaging is needed. Below we have provided an overview on banner stands and how they can help you meet your marketing and display needs: [Read more…]

Trade Show Marketing 101 – Branding

Trade show branding What’s in a name? Letters strung together forming syllables that press their way through our lips and land upon the ears of all with in listening distance. More important than the letters and syllables forming a name is the identity attached that shapes others opinion of the name holder. Similarly, a brand is a name and in its unaltered state it is merely no more than a logo attach to a product/service, for a brand to having a deeper meaning it needs a personality to help bolster its status and separate itself from competitors. [Read more…]

Is a Rental Trade Show Display Right for Me?

20x20 InfiniSource Rental Trade Show DisplaySo, you’ve had it. You’re done with figuring out where to store your huge, clunky trade show exhibit, you’re tired of trying to keep the graphics from being damaged between shows and you are absolutely fed up with repairing, updating and – possibly – repurchasing exhibits and displays. Why can’t it be easy? Why can’t you just show up at the event to a beautiful exhibit and walk away once the event hall lights dim without a second thought to dismantling, shipping or storing? [Read more…]

Your Trade Show Unique Selling Proposition

trade show unique selling proposition

The trade show floor is filled with competing companies all vying for the attention of attendees. The ability to stand out as a leader in your industry is the difference between seeing huge returns or being muted out by competitors. The strongest exhibitors are able to identify their trade show unique selling proposition (USP) early on and they leverage it into successful trade show strategy.

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Things to Remember: Planning for a Trade Show

things to remember when planning for a trade show Planning for a trade show and creating a strategy that consistently yields results is less about building a static approach and more about cultivating a living event marketing ecosystem that can evolve over time. If you want to create an evolving marketing plan then remembering some simple planing principles can help you focus your efforts on growing your brand and improving your trade show marketing investment.  [Read more…]