Event Email Marketing Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most marketers utilize some sort of email marketing program, and event marketers are no different. Email allows you to reach a wide audience in a personalized way for a relatively low cost and – yes, there’s an ‘and’ – provides marketers with a wealth of data and engagement knowledge. Leveraging the power of event email marketing is the perfect way to nurture your clients and prospects through a more sophisticated life cycle.

The infographic in this post covers effective event email marketing best practices on a high-level. We expanded upon the infographic with additional thoughts and insight.

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10 Must Read Trade Show and Event Marketing Industry Blogs

top trade show marketing blogs to readTrade shows and face-to-face marketing events can be headache inducing endeavors for novice and seasoned planners alike. Luckily, the internet is filled with great websites and blogs that can help marketers with the” tricks of the trade”. We have compiled a list of the top 10 trade show and event marketing blogs on the web to help inspire you with your upcoming events!

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Top 10 Attend Worthy Trade Shows in Chicago


Trade show attendance is predicted to go up in 2015 — and with it the opportunity for businesses to make their mark with creative custom trade show exhibits. With a seemingly endless stream of conventions, trade shows and events coming up it can be quite difficult to sort through the clutter. But – never fear — we are starting a city series where we will highlight the top trade shows and events in the biggest markets to give you an insiders scoop. For our first entry into the series we will focus on sweet home Chicago! Our list has some of the biggest and most interesting events happening in the windy city. To find out more about trade shows in Chicago take a look at our list below: [Read more…]

Trade Show Booth Staff Boot Camp

trade show boot camp for booth staffPreparing for a trade show is stressful, we all know that. The process of getting everything budgeted, scheduled, and set up takes an enormous amount of effort. Because of all of the time spent on the material and logistical aspects of planning for a trade shows, organizers often overlook their most important asset, the event staff. [Read more…]