Trade Show Marketing 101: How a Buyer Persona can Help you Hit Your Target Audience

trade show marketing target Having a deep understanding of your target demographic is one of the key factors in successful trade show marketing campaigns. Everything from your trade show booth, staff, product displays and the show you plan to attend should all be tailored to your ideal buyer. Unfortunately, many event marketers lack an intimate understanding of their target demographic. Instead, they rely too much on assumptions rather than well researched in-depth portraits of their prospective clientele. Creating a buyer persona is a demonstrated way to get to know your future clients by analyzing your former and current customers. [Read more…]

Trade Show Marketing 101: Product Launch

Trade Show Marketing Product Launches Launching a product is one of the most difficult task an event marketer may have to tackle in the face-to-face marketing world. If a product launch goes well then it can boost initial sales and interest in a product, but if things go poorly then all the effort and resources allocated in product development, production and marketing will go to waste. Because of what’s at stake, it’s important to put a lot of time and thought into preparing your product for launch. Below we have out lined 5 tips on how you can get the most out of your product launch efforts. [Read more…]

Modular Trade Show Exhibits, What you Need to Know

Modular trade show exhibit
Trade show exhibits are an incredible face-to-face marketing asset. A smartly-designed exhibit can not only command the attention of show attendees, but it can also convey a brand’s message and personality to the world at-large. Naturally, if you are planning on attending a face-to-face marketing event you want to impress and inform, but financial and logistical concerns can be difficult to navigate, especially when working with a limited budget. Modular trade show exhibits can help keep cost down while offering flexibility in both appearance, size and graphics. Read on to learn about the advantages of modular trade show exhibits. [Read more…]

Trade Show Leads 101: Qualifying

Qaulifying Trade Show Leads
Not all leads captured on the trade show floor are equal, and because of this the ability to quickly qualify leads is crucial. The task of qualifying trade show leads is an art form of sorts. It is a skill that is often overlooked by event managers and booth staffers alike, but with practice even the most novice on-the-floor sales representative will be able to sort the buyers from the flyers. Read on to learn some tried and true lead qualifying tactics to help increase the quality of your lead yield. [Read more…]

Trade Show Marketing 101: Building Your Event Marketing Landing Page

Trade Show Marketing on the internet Having a well laid out webpage is vital for success in today’s business climate. A strong website can be an invaluable resource for lead generation, consumer education, eCommerce and much more. The benefits from a great webpage not only help increase your business’s profile, it can also come in handy when it comes to planing and executing a comprehensive trade show marketing campaign. Building a smartly-designed landing page to support your company’s event marketing campaign can go a long way in helping increase not only awareness of your event, but also in helping bolster your return on investment. Read on to learn about building your very own event marketing landing page. [Read more…]