Scorecard: 4 Steps for Tracking Trade Show ROI

Trade show ROI

The ability to track and analyze the results of a trade show or event is vital in increasing trade show ROI year-over-year. But where should an event marketer start? This post will guide you through a four step process for creating an event marketing scorecard that will not only help you track your trade show performance, but will also help you increase your trade show ROI.

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Case Study: The Power of Rental Trade Show Booths

rental Trade show exhibits

Rental trade show booths are affordable, fast and flexible– making them one of the smartest exhibit solutions on the market. Yet, many event marketers are unaware of the powerful impact rental trade show booths can have on the trade show floor. What’s more, event marketers may overlook renting a trade show exhibit out of the fear of the unknown, a genuine fear that forces exhibitors to stay within their comfort zones– losing out on the nearly limitless potential rental trade show booths have to offer. This post will help alleviate fears and apprehensions about renting trade show exhibits, by showcasing real world examples of creative and customized rental exhibits  provided by Nimlok at the 2015 Supplyside West show.

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Trade Show 101: 3 Advantages of an Inline Trade Show Exhibit

Inline trade show exhibit

Trade show exhibits are available in a diverse range of designs and styles, each with their own unique advantages. An inline trade show exhibit offers exhibitors a visually commanding backdrop for their brand, while also allowing for easy attendee and sales staff interaction. Because inline exhibits are linear in design, they increase graphical area– and make for the perfect space to display products and conduct product demonstrations. This post will help exhibitors considering an inline trade show exhibit better understand the unique design advantages of inline displays, while also offering tips on how to get the most out of an inline trade show display.

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Trade Show Leads: Keeping Score and Increasing your Event Marketing ROI

1617580083_e6f1b1860c_b (1)

A properly planned and well executed trade show marketing campaign will undoubtedly result in a healthy lead yield. While a strong influx in leads is great, failure to properly score and organize your trade show leads will hamper post-event sales efforts, and even worse, lead to lower sales numbers and a lackluster ROI. This post will help educate you on how to rank and score your leads so that your sales force can hit the ground running when following up with trade show leads.

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Our Top Trade Show Exhibits of 2015

Dinan - 20x20 - trade show exhibit

It’s that time of the year; brisk autumn breezes give way to the biting cold whip of winter winds. The clouds open up with showers of snow, each flake whimsical whirling down to the earth landing upon the bare limbs of sleeping trees or on the icy ground. There is something innately inspiring about the winter, perhaps this is why as the year draws to a close we felt the need to share some of our favorite trade show exhibits of 2015. We have built countless unique and attention-grabbing trade show exhibits this year, far too many to mention, so we have narrowed it down to [Read more…]