3 Questions to Ask Yourself in Preparation for Your Next Trade Show

trade show preparation

Much of trade show preparation is focused on the company and the exhibit. While these are both vital components of a successful trade show, it is also important to prepare yourself. You want to present your best and most organized self on the trade show floor. After all, you are an extension of your company. Here are three questions to ask yourself in preparation for your next trade show.

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Trade Show Marketing 101: Top Emergency Exhibiting Kit Items

Trade show marketing nimlok exhibitIt’s a scenario far too many exhibitors are familiar with: you’re at the trade show, your trade show display is up and running, you go to reach for something, only to realize that you’ve forgotten it. With all of the planning that goes into trade show marketing it can be difficult to remember all of your exhibit essentials. Avoid the possibility of any future trade show blunders with a well-stocked emergency exhibiting kit that covers all scenarios. Below is a list of some must-have items in your trade show emergency kit.

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Top 10 Trade Show Giveaways


Trade shows represent some of the best opportunities for marketers to enhance their company’s profile, meet new prospective clients and gather leads for their sales force. That being said, to fully capitalize on the benefits of exhibiting, you need to consider how you will entice attendees to visit your trade show booth and remember your message. There are many ways to attract attendees and trade show giveaways are one of the most commonly used and effective strategies. Below, we list ten of the top trending trade show giveaway ideas for 2016.

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Top Three Trade Show Tips for Small Business Exhibitors in 2016



If you are a small business owner, attending a trade show can help boost your company’s profile, grow your client list and give you the opportunity to network with others in your industry. Given the list of benefits, it is easy to see why many small businesses are opting to exhibit at trade shows. With the increased number of small businesses attending trade shows, it is import to know tips and tricks to help you get ahead at your next event. Below are the top three tips for making the most of your small business trade show experience.

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