Event Marketing Leads: How to Lead the Pack in Lead Conversion

event marketing leads

Leads are the lubricant of a well-oiled sales and marketing machine, without them the whole apparatus can come to a grinding halt. Because leads are so paramount to the sales process, marketing events like trade shows are becoming more and more vital to long term sales success. Yet, many organizations and their sales teams fail to place a strong value on leads gathered from trade shows and other event marketing initiatives. Failure to take these leads serious can have a negative impact on your event marketing ROI and your overall sales numbers. We have outlined some great strategies to help your sales force turn your event marketing prospect into purchasing customers.

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Rev Up Your Trade Show ROI

trade show ROI tips

The central metric on which you can base your events success on is your trade show return on investment (ROI). If you made a splash at the event, made lots of connections and gave away every piece of swag you brought with you that’s great. But, after the large investment of planning for the event, building a trade show display, shipping everything to the location and all of the other cost involved with exhibiting, you need to make sure you got as much out of the event as you put in. [Read more…]

Trade Show Marketing to Millennials

trade show and event marketing to millennials

Trade show marketing has transformed leaps and bounds over the years. However, tailoring event marketing initiatives towards millennials still lags behind the forward-moving event industry. The reason why can be attributed to the assumption that millennials are solely ravenous consumers of digital media, that they forsake all other mediums in favor of glossy screens, instant updates and ever evolving devices. But, as it turns out this — like most broad assumptions — is less than accurate.

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Nimlok’s: Smart Marketers Guide to Event Marketing

event marketing guide

When one steps foot into the event marketing arena for the first time the bright lights, sounds and overwhelming atmosphere can be both alluring and intimidating. Where does an event marketing novice find guidance? How can they be sure they are headed in the right direction? For starters, trusting ones intuition is always a good source for inspiration, but that will only carry you so far. To help exhibitors on their journey to become an event marketing guru Nimlok has crafted the Smart Marketers’ Guide to event marketing. Our Smart Marketers Guide takes a comprehensive look at all areas of an event marketing campaign, from pre-event to post-event you will be sure to find the advice you are looking for. Below we have listed some takeaways from our guide to give you an idea of what you will find: [Read more…]

5 Things Great Trade Show Exhibitors Avoid


Success is often achieved by great exhibitors not only from the things they do – but also from avoiding some common trade show pitfalls. Sometimes doing things because they are “common sense” or “the way it’s always done” can lead to falling into a rut — or missing opportunities. Great exhibitors know this, and they leverage their creativity to forge their own path to trade show success. Below we have listed some of the common missteps made by exhibitors and how to avoid them:

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