Trade Show Exhibits: A Top to Bottom Approach

Trade show exhibits are crucial to event marketing success Think back to the great meals you’ve had. Let your mind resurrect the tastes, textures, smells and sights that engulfed your senses. What was it about those meals that made them truly great? It’s difficult to answer that question. So much of what makes up our great life experiences is in a word, intangible. However, what our mind struggles to define with words, can often be explained by perfect top to bottom execution. Take trade show exhibits for example, many factors attract visitors to a space and knowing how to construct an immersive trade show environment is key to trade show success. [Read more…]

A Brief Guide to Trade Show Display Graphics

Trade show Display Graphics “For the apparel oft proclaims the man,” for those of you familiar with what some consider to be William Shakespeare’s magnum opus, Hamlet,  this quote may ring a bellYou may be asking yourself “What does Hamlet have to do with trade show graphics, is this a marketing blog or what!?” Well for starters Shakespeare is correct, clothes very often do make the man. And just as clothes make the man, so too do graphics make the trade show display. Graphics– as with most things trade show related– come with several layers of nuance and detail. We’d like to share with you, the reader, some of those nuggets of nuance relating to trade show display graphics so that you are better informed on what to look for when you commission your next graphics project.  [Read more…]

Trade Show Exhibit: How to Maintain Your Investment

custom modular trade show exhibit

This custom modular design was well-maintained and upgraded. Enhancing its on-the-floor performance.

As any home or car owner can attest, routine maintenance is an integral part of protecting your investment. Similarly, keeping up on the maintenance of your trade show exhibit is crucial in helping extend the life and performance of your biggest face-to-face marketing asset. Think about it, how long have you had your trade show exhibit? How many miles in shipping, how many hours in storage and how many times have you subjected it to the installation and dismantlement cycle? All of these factors and more contribute to the gradual decline in your exhibit over time. To learn more about keeping your exhibit road ready and in great shape read on. [Read more…]

Your Trade Show Budget Worksheet: How to Financially Plan for your Next Event

trade show budget worksheet

What do a trade show veteran and a novice exhibitor have in common? If you answered a long to-do-list you would be right. If you also answered budgeting challenges you be doubly right. Let’s face it, trade show marketing budgets can be tricky, and with a long and varied list of task demanding your attention, it can be hard to create an accurate budget. Not to worry, this post will help you with practical advice and easy-to-apply budget planning solutions. Also, checkout out our new trade show budget worksheet included in this post! [Read more…]

Trade Show Marketing 101: How a Buyer Persona can Help you Hit Your Target Audience

trade show marketing target Having a deep understanding of your target demographic is one of the key factors in successful trade show marketing campaigns. Everything from your trade show booth, staff, product displays and the show you plan to attend should all be tailored to your ideal buyer. Unfortunately, many event marketers lack an intimate understanding of their target demographic. Instead, they rely too much on assumptions rather than well researched in-depth portraits of their prospective clientele. Creating a buyer persona is a demonstrated way to get to know your future clients by analyzing your former and current customers. [Read more…]