Storytelling at a Trade Show: A Case Study


When reduced to their core, trade show marketing campaigns are all about the art of persuasion. If you want to standout on the show floor and elevate your brand’s messaging beyond your competition, storytelling can help you get the persuasive edge you need. Read on and learn why storytelling is not just the hottest new marketing trend, but an essential element in the trade show marketing mix.

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Top Four Design Tips for Trade Show Management and Logistics

Trade show logistics

A few weeks back I was asked to write a guest blog post for Nimlok about trade show management and logistics. If I am being honest, I have to say this was a pretty nerve racking task, especially since I am a trade show exhibit designer with a brain rooted in the conceptual world of trade show glitz and glamour. The topic, “trade show management and logistics,” is one of the more difficult aspects to trade show exhibiting to nail down no matter how experienced an exhibitor is. Luckily, I knew that my experiences as an exhibit designer made me the perfect person to tackle the subject with real world tips on how to address trade show logistics issues through smart exhibit design.

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Booth Staffer Education: The Key Ingredient to Increasing Your Trade Show ROI

Training booth staff for trade show ROI

The time and costs associated with attending a trade show make it extremely important for exhibitors to maximize their trade show ROI. After going through the process of selecting a trade show, planning for the event and spending money, you are left with one question: who is staffing your trade show booth? Preferably, you’ll have a team of highly personable, experienced sales representatives who have memorized every aspect of your products and services.

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Marketing Metrics: Proving the Value of Your Trade Show


When attempting to gauge the success of a trade show program, marketers often turn to qualitative and opinion-based feedback rather than measurable quantitative data. As a result, marketers speak a language that their colleagues have a hard time understanding. To avoid confusion, marketers must adopt a concrete “multilingual” quantitative processes that can succinctly convey the impact of a trade show.

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Scorecard: 4 Steps for Tracking Trade Show ROI

Trade show ROI

The ability to track and analyze the results of a trade show or event is vital in increasing trade show ROI year-over-year. But where should an event marketer start? This post will guide you through a four step process for creating an event marketing scorecard that will not only help you track your trade show performance, but will also help you increase your trade show ROI.

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